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About Us

The Saga began 78 years ago in 1936 from Bhiwani. Ajay Vijay has a legacy of 4 generations immersed in the art of crafting jewellry . A brand that holds the trust of its customers since the beginning of its time. Now Ajay Vijay has come up with its own segment of Indian Apparels for the woman of today. We are a reflection o f every woman’s identity and uniqueness.

Ajay Vijay was established 78 years ago in 1936 from the city of temples and which is also often termed as ‘Choti Kashi’ that is Bhiwani (Haryana). Ajay Vijay is crafting masterpiece ornaments from 4 long generations which has helped in building a lot of faith and trust between the customers. A customer coming at our end comes with a faith to get a creation that is certainly unavailable and is a specimen. Our expertise is in creating Royal, Rich and Elite ornaments and can not be stated as jewelry. We admire in putting more and more efforts in research and development to get more and more enhancement in creation or designing an ornament and hence we deliver a masterpiece of the finest workmanship. Ajay Vijay can be very well stated as an inventory of masterpiece of the finest workmanship that is crafted with a lot of jewelry love and passion.

Ajay Vijay also has it own segment of Indian Apparels for today’s Woman in India. We are hence known as the reflection of Woman in India.

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